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Norm's Views - 13November2013

Fanciful Theory or Fact?

Once again a powerful storm brings into question "An Inconvenient Truth." Is man responsible for perhaps the most powerful storm in recorded history, to bring so much death and destruction to the Philippines just 5 days ago with typhoon Haiyan? The overwhelming majority of scientists and global leaders certainly think so. A much smaller group of highly influential American conservatives see no role of man in our current dramatic global climate changes.

Why is this group of American conservatives so critically influential in their successful efforts to block virtually all meaningful efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions? It is a result of their willingness and ability to block meaningful legislation in congress and a significant number of statehouses to limit carbon emissions at any level.

Conservatives primitive reactions serve to block virtually any liberal proposals and particularly regulations they see as restricting their personal or business activities. Digressing for a moment, most conservatives see no hypocrisy in their efforts to legislatively control women's highly invasive and personal reproductive rights.

As the world's only true superpower, America needs to lead in measures to reduce man's influence on global climate change. If the United States is unwilling to take the lead by example then why should anyone else? Interestingly, China may in fact be the first country to implement significant limits on greenhouse emissions because previously unheard of pollution levels are literally killing their citizens. Such action would severely negatively impact our perceived world class status.

If current projections are correct that without limits, by no later than mid-century it will become impossible to halt global warming. If we and the rest of the world do nothing now and for the immediate future we are dooming our children and grandchildren to hell on earth literally.

Featured Poem

Old Faithful

You served us faithfully for fifteen years. I often think of you during your hiatus. A year and three quarters have passed us by, and I'm unsure when or if I'll see you again.

We three traveled many miles together. You were with us for the good times we shared together, as well as the sad times. You were rarely cranky, stubborn or ill.

Jackie, you and I, shared a love of music. On long trips your music soothed us. We could always count on you to play well the music that best matched our mood.

You aged well and ever so gracefully. Few guessed your true age, because you have such a classic elegance about you. You have been so admired at first glance.

It saddens me that we may not meet again. I worry that perhaps your care isn't providing for your full, well deserved needs. I worry that you may be sad and lonely.

I wish I could promise you that I'll soon open your door, and sit behind your steering wheel one last time, for one last nostalgic driveā€”if you are up to it.

If not, I want you to know that you were always our most favorite car of all. You kept your interior pristine as when new. Your few scratches merely added character.