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A Fanciful Theory or Established Fact?

Months earlier than the normal start of the fire season in the western United States, a series of intense, simultaneous fires in southern California brings into question "An Inconvenient Truth." Is man largely responsible for current global warming? The overwhelming majority of scientists and global leaders certainly think so. A much smaller group of highly influential American conservatives see no role of man in our current dramatic global climate changes.

Why is this group of American conservatives so critically influential in their successful efforts to block virtually all meaningful efforts to reduce greenhouse emissions? It is a result of their willingness and ability to block any meaningful legislation in congress and a significant number of statehouses to limit carbon emissions at any level.

More insidiously, based upon Senator Mark Rubio's recent statements denying human influence on global warming, it appears that any republican seeking the presidency must publicly adhere to such out of step with reality dogma. Interestingly enough, it is Senator Rubio's home state of Florida that will be seriously impacted with rising sea levels earlier than expected by the probably already irreversible melting of the Antarctica western ice cap.

Conservatives primitive reactions serve to block virtually any legislative proposals seen as championed by liberals, and particularly regulations they see as restricting their personal or business activities such as the fossil fuel interests of the highly financially influential Koch brothers. At the same time, most conservatives see no hypocrisy in their efforts to legislatively control women's highly invasive and personal reproductive rights.

As the world's only true superpower, America needs to lead in measures to reduce man's influence on global climate change. President Obama and a white house panel of respected scientists and leaders have recently declared that global warming is now a reality. If the United States is unwilling to take the lead by example then why should anyone else? Interestingly, China may in fact be the first country to implement significant limits on greenhouse emissions; because, previously unheard of pollution levels are literally killing their citizens. Our failure to act will severely negatively impact our perceived world class status, and irreparably harm all future generations everywhere on our planet.

If current projections are correct that, without carbon emission limits now, by no later than mid-century it will become impossible to halt continuous global warming. If we and the rest of the world do nothing now, and for the foreseeable future, we are dooming our children and grandchildren to hell on earth literally.

Scenes From NJ Coast

Featured Poem

Nature's Vignettes

Frisky squirrels dart to and fro.
Trying to decide where next to go.
Their choice to forage or raid a feeder.
Is up to the one who's a decisive leader.

Leafy shade trees offer a sheltered nook.
Lazy ripples flow along a tranquil brook.
Chattering birds pause, then begin to sing.
Soon they're flying together wing to wing.

Summer showers gently fall 'till noon.
Until a break in the clouds appears soon.
As the sun shines through the distant mist,
A rainbow glows that shouldn't be missed.

Soon the dark rain clouds drift far away.
Ushering in yet another fine summer's day.
Now a brilliant azure color fills the sky.
From meadows to clouds drifting on by.

Early evening fades the eastern sky away.
The western sun must shortly end its stay.
As sunset's palette of reds and yellows,
Paint cloud's above all warm and mellow.

Bright stars first appear in waning twilight.
Then fill the sky in the dark of night.
Shooting stars blaze a brilliant streak.
On an August night as they reach a peak.

Tiny lights flicker in the cool night air.
Seeming to dart about almost everywhere.
Scooped from midair while glowing green,
Fireflies in a jar, are more easily seen.

When darkness loosens its nightly grip.
Morning sun begins its once daily trip.
Recreating in the east the colors of sunset.
Ending the cycle of another day's vignette.