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Hi! I'm Norm of NormsView and I hope that you're finding my words, music, images and videos of interest. I will be adding new content on about the last day of each month, and I hope you and your friends will return for future visits.

I'm a retired Director of Engineering at two Fortune 500 consumer product corporations, and the Director of Engineering of a start-up computer peripherals corporation. Prior to that I was an R&D Manager and a Senior Research Engineer, during which time I acquired 11 patents assigned to my employers.

For the past 7-1/2 years I've worked part time for a small, non-profit educational organization in Boonton, New Jersey as webmaster, computer lab technician, videographer, and I maintain Quickbooks account records.

Contact Info

You may contact me with the feedback form on this site or write me at:
Norman E. Sindlinger, 330 Union Street, Boonton, NJ 07005-1835

Personal History

I was born in Cleveland, Ohio on July 9, 1930. I've lived most of my life in New Jersey although I have also lived in Pennsylvania, Georgia, Hawaii, California, Wisconsin, Ohio and New York City. I was married in a formal, evening wedding on December 18, 1954 to Jacqueline Ruth Woodard in the Trinity Methodist Church in Chester, Pennsylvania. We were married for more than 49 years until I became a widower just before dawn on March 17th 2004.

Jackie and I first met on a blind date, fell instantly in love and at the beginning of our third date, having been together for some seven hours, Jackie accepted my marriage proposal. That was in the spring of 1954 just before my graduation as a Mechanical Engineer from Pennsylvania Military College (now Widener University) where I was a member of the R.O.T.C.

We returned from our honeymoon in time for the long drive to Fort Benning, Georgia to begin my period of active duty as an infantry 2nd Lt.

I spent the remaining 21 months of active duty serving as a platoon Leader in the 25th Infantry Division at Schofield Barracks, Oahu, Hawaii. I had initially considered making the army my career, and Jackie and I thoroughly enjoyed our months at Fort Benning.

I started and stopped writing about our life together many times since Jackie's death. I've recently decided to finish the nearly half completed book, and I plan to post the early chapters by the end of August 2012. Depending upon feedback I plan adding a new chapter every 4 to 6 weeks. We shared many wonderful years together, interspersed with darker times that were fueled by our separate, earliest lives, well before we first met.

We experienced our first personal tragedy when we lost our first daughter, Laura only nine hours after Jackie's exceptionally long, difficult and unusual delivery. During delivery and the immediate hours afterward, Jackie never lost her total conviction that Laura would survive and thrive, and she never once complained or faltered during childbirth. Jackie had more spirit, bravery and compassion than anyone I have ever personally known, and I dedicate the content of this site to her memory. I will always miss her terribly for all my remaining moments until we are finally reunited.

Following a number of miscarriages, we were finally blessed with our second daughter, Deborah on April 10, 1958, and years later with our four grandchildren: Matthew, Bryan, Sean and Laura Nolan.

I have added several photographs from our wedding and will be adding a few from our later years to my book Soaring Home - the Story of Jackie and Me. As you will see, Jackie was quite beautiful in body as well as spirit. Jackie was also extremely talented as a professional dancer performing on a weekly Philadelphia TV show,as a classical pianist, and later as a mother, homemaker and music teacher. Jackie and I were not only deeply in love, but we were also best friends.